Pigging Services

Pipeline shown in a field with a pipeline service job in progress in the background

Pipeline Cleaning

Although pipeline cleaning operations occur routinely, they can be complex — and they always require understanding of each pipeline’s unique characteristics. With experience cleaning onshore and offshore pipelines all over the world, we can recommend the optimal pigging equipment and schedule for your pipeline, including developing cleanliness metrics and progressive pigging programs to overcome reduced flow and maximize throughput.

Pigging technicians examining pipeline pigs in a truck bed before the are launched into the line

General Consulting

Whether you need help pinpointing a problem or determining the optimum pigging option to address a need, ƵAPP pigging experts will partner with you to develop a custom solution. With decades of experience manufacturing and running pigs, we can diagnose conditions in the pipeline system and develop an appropriate pigging response.

Close view of a hydrotesting chart used for calculations

Pre-Construction Preparation

A mandatory party of the pre-commissioning process, hydrostatic testing is also performed on in-service pipelines. Pigging’s role is to ensure that the line is clean and that potentially damaging construction debris has been cleared away. Pigging is also used for line-filling and dewatering. ƵAPP can help you about the right pigging equipment and services for each step of the hydrostatic testing process.

Technician preparing to load several pigs into a launcher for a progressive pigging job

Pig Selection for Service

Selecting the right equipment is one of the most important steps operators can take to ensure a successful pipeline maintenance plan.

We’ll help you understand which ƵAPP pig is best for your pipeline environment, size, product, goals and timeline.

Response team technician using detection tools to locate and remove a stuck pig

Stuck Pig Response

Pigs are run successfully every day. However, every so often a pig becomes stuck, stalled or damaged inside the pipeline.

The pig removal process begins by understanding why the pig became stuck. Then ƵAPP engineers develop customized recovery operations that take into consideration pig type, its location, pipeline product and other variables. The result? Safe removal, without product loss or asset damage.

ƵAPP pigging project manager writing on a clipboard at a jobsite

Project Management

Pigging plays a role in everything from maintenance cleaning to detecting line obstructions. ƵAPP experts can design a best practices pigging program aligned with your priorities. Working together, we’ll help you overcome challenges and meet your operating and integrity goals.