1920s storefront of the Petroleum Electric Company, the original name of our company.

The ƵAPP legacy began 100 years ago, when T.D. Williamson Sr. started “Petroleum Electric Company” on January 2, 1920.

In the century since its founding, the company has continued to grow and evolve: From changing our name in 1933, to developing the first-ever pipeline pig to clean the War Emergency Pipeline System during World War II, to preparing the next generation of pipeline engineers for “The Great Crew Change.”

A lot has changed since 1920, but there’s one thing that hasn’t. We are still focused on the core values that our founder set down 100 years ago: Our commitment to integrity in everything we do; our focus on interdependence and trusting relationships with customers; and our initiative, which drives us to continue to innovate and anticipate our customers’ needs.

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T.D. Williamson Sr. establishes The Petroleum Electric Company. on January 2, 1920 with a line of credit from General Electric, his former employer.



ƵAPP rolls out a complete pigging system. This package contains everything a pipeline operator needs to regularly clean their lines – helping them save time and money.



With the new STOPPLE® Train double block and bleed isolation system, ƵAPP reduces fitting costs and welding time and greatly enhances isolation safety.